Grant Logan and his jewellery

White Gold ~ Yellow Gold ~ Platinum ~ Gems
Combined to Create Jewellery Just For You

Grant Logan is a leading Scottish goldsmith for whom the traditional skills of the craftsman are his every day life.
Grant was born in Campbeltown on the dramatic Kintyre peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, and his love for this beautiful and wild place remains his main source of inspiration for the diverse fine quality gold and platinum jewellery that he creates.
He established his business in 1978 at the age of 19, having completed his studies in Glasgow and Aberdeen. The studio/workshop remains in the same loch side location, though the business has evolved hugely over the years.
In the early days a considerable amount of time had to be spent travelling the country to exhibit and sell his unique gold jewellery, but having established a wide and loyal customer base this is no longer necessary and his days can be devoted to doing what he loves most.
As Grant says: "After all these years I never tire of going to work in the morning. I am so fortunate to spend every day designing and making jewellery from quality ingredients for my customers who fortunately seem equally happy with my work."
And it is no surprise that his customers keep coming back, because Grant Logan jewellery is very special in all respects.
To say that Grant is a perfectionist is no exaggeration, and this is so clearly obvious in his designs and the quality of the creations themselves.

Grant Logan jewellery is made personally for you by this leading Scottish goldsmith using the very best ingredients to create jewellery to treasure forever. What may surprise his customers however is that he does not charge prices one might expect of such a respected designer and craftsman. Grant's prices are not loaded to cover the costs of glitzy high profile retail establishments. Customers are guaranteed an excellent level of personal service without having to dig into their pockets to pay for any ostentatious extras.

Take a look through the pages of this website for a glimpse at how Grant makes these very fine pieces of jewellery. There is information on the gold, platinum and gems he uses, and some comments from his loyal customers.

If you wish to purchase Grant Logan jewellery online please visit his Grant Logan website, or Kintye Jewellery website.
Grant is always happy to see customers "in the flesh", so feel free to call at the workshop during business hours.

Handmade Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality